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Letter From Mr. Murner
Posted On:
Friday, August 04, 2017
Summer is OVER



It is time to get in bed early and wake up even earlier than you have in the past 8 weeks. I know it’s sad but I promise all the faculty and staff at Deshler Middle School have missed you and we are ready to see all of you again.


There have been a few changes at DMS over the summer.   Mrs. Sara Moore is no longer our 8th grade English teacher, she is now teaching reading to our new 6th graders. Mr. Kevin Graham will be taking Mrs. Moore’s spot as our 8th grade English teacher. When I met Mr. Graham for the first time I knew within two minutes that he was a middle school teacher. It takes special people to teach (It takes  real special people to teach middle school). Coach Scott King will be our Boys’ PE teacher. I am sad to say Coach King is the first teacher I’ve hired that I taught when he was in 8th grade. Time flies! Join me in welcoming Coach King and Mr. Graham to our school system. If you see them give them a big hug!  Also, our lunchroom looks great with new up to date furniture. I ask that you help keep it clean and undamaged. If you feel the need to scratch your name in wood, please let me know and I will get you a 2X4 and a nail.


Another big change I want everyone to make a note of is we will start our day at 7:55am now instead of 8:00am. Breakfast will be from 7:25-7:50. Students will be dismissed from the gym to go to their lockers at 7:50 and the tardy bell will ring at 7:55. We are going to work hard this year on not being absent or late to school. Please read the changes in our school handbook and our district’s Code of Conduct. A student that is tardy 4 times to school after the 7:55 bell rings will have an Early Prevention meeting with all parties involved. The parent and student will also have a choice of going to Saturday School or one unexcused absence. I am also going to keep a close eye on attendance this year. Last school year we had over 3,000 full school day absences. I would like to reduce that by at least 1,000 this year. This year a student may be retained if they miss more than 12 days of school (refer to the Code of Conduct for more information).


On the first day of school your child will bring home a lot of papers for you and your child to sign. Please fill them out and return them as soon as possible. If your child is on Free or Reduced meals they will become Full Pay if you do not return the Free or Reduced form back to the school.


One last thing. Tuscumbia Police Department and I have agreed that students do not need to be dropped off or picked up at Tuscumbia Multipurpose Center or on High Street. There is no supervision at the Multipurpose Center and I have no authority if something happens. Please use the designated areas that we have on campus for drop off and pick up of your child.


Despite all the changes I’ve shared in this letter,  one thing never changes: DMS faculty and staff will always do what is best for your child and will always be there to support and love your child.


Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and when you pick your child up tune your radio to DMS TIGER Radio 87.9


Thank you,

Bryan Murner, Principal


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