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After School Pick UP
Posted On:
Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Starting Sept 6th



In an effort to keep all students safe we have decided to REROUTE our afternoon pick destinations for Deshler Middle School.


Starting on Wednesday September 6th 2017:


DMS 8th graders will be picked up in front of the gym.


DMS 7th graders will be picked up in front of the cafeteria doors in the back parking lot.


DMS 6th graders will be picked up in the front of the school building as normal.


We are looking at different ways to keeps students safe as well as keeping traffic flowing. In the past, cars have been sitting idle on High Street. In an attempt to keep cars moving, 8th grade parents please enter the back parking beside the Recreation Center and pull straight toward the gym to pick your child up in front of the gym.


7th grade parents please come in the back parking lot beside the Recreation Center also and continue down toward the gym. 7th grade parents may use the center lane to turn toward the cafeteria doors to pick your child up.


I ask that 7th and 8th grade parents, guardians and grandparents please be courteous to one another as we make this change. Please allow cars to go ahead of you and let at least one car in before you move up. This will be new so please go slow and watch for children walking in the parking lot. Please do not ask your child to walk to the recreation center to be picked up or to walk to your car on high street. We are trying to keep this from happening.

Again, here at the middle school we have many students that walk home or walk from DMS to DHS for different reasons. Please watch for these students crossing the street. 6th grade parents please be mindful of students crossing High Street as you pull up to the front to pick up for 6th grade.


The morning drop off will remain the same. Thank you in advance for your patience.


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