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DMS Career Day May 11th
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Tuesday, May 08, 2018
You will not want to miss this.

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On Friday afternoon, May 11th 2018, Deshler Middle School will host a Career Day. Rotating in 10 minute intervals, students will have the opportunity to hear 14 guest speakers discuss their careers. We are asking students to dress their best for this day and be on their very best behavior. Parents, you are invited to come and be part of our Career Day. Our guests will start speaking at 12:00 and will finish at 2:20. This will be an exciting day for DMS students. If you are unable to attend, please ask your child what careers and speakers interested them and why.


Here is a list of our presenters:

Maggie Garrard Jenkins- Pharmaceutical Sales

Kevin Hutcheson - Weight Trainer

Selena Inman/Ricky Bryant - Physical Therapy

Pam Minetree - Real Estate

Ty Kerstiens -  Pilot

Air Evac/Ambulance

Terri Moore - Nurse,

Kyle Buchanan - Hospital Management

Christina Booker - Classical Musician

Terry Lenz - Fire Marshal

Breann Voss - Mechanical Engineer: Motorsports

Russ Blackwell - Military

Allen Pike - Aerospace Engineer

Blaine Melton/Drek Smith - Law Enforcement


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