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8th Grade Supply List
Posted On:
Friday, May 31, 2019
School Supplies
School Supplies


Deshler Middle School

8th Grade Supply List


$15 Locker Fee

3 inch binder (preferably with a zipper)

Tab Dividers (at least 5 - one for each class)

Loose Leaf Notebook Paper (At least 5 packs)

Pens (blue or black ink)

Mechanical Pencils

Colored Pencils (12 or more)

1 pair of earbuds (to be kept in locker)


Homeroom Supplies -

2 boxes Kleenex

Boys - Hand Sanitizer

Girls – Clorox Wipes


English -

Several packs of loose-leaf paper

$5 novel fee


Math -

Calculator – Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS or TI-30XS (if sold out, wait until they are back in stock. Buying a different model will make things difficult for your child.)

1 pack of 4x4 quad ruled graph paper

1 ruler

1 roll of scotch tape


Science –

Composition notebook

$10 Lab fee


Business Technology Applications -

Clorox Wipes



Spiral Notebook (1 subject)

Glue Sticks   

Small scissors

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