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6th Grade Supply List
Posted On:
Friday, May 31, 2019
School Supplies
School Supplies


Deshler Middle School

2019 - 2020

Sixth Grade Supply List



$15.00 Locker Fee (pay in Homeroom)

$10.00 Science Lab (pay Mrs. Holland)

$10.00 Novel Fee - English (Pay Coach Nelson)



Loose leaf notebook paper (Take advantage of the Back to School sales, for this is needed throughout the year!)

Erasers - cap erasers or large pink erasers (Needed all year!)

3 - 12 pack pencils (Take advantage of the Back-to-School sales, for this is also needed all year!)

1 - 1 ½ inch 3 ring binder (hard back with inside pockets)

1 - package of dividers (5 tabs per pack)

2 - NYLON pencils bags (one for pencils only and one for color pencils, markers, and sharpener)

1 - package of 12 or 24 count Crayola color pencils (Your choice!)  

1 - package of Crayola magic markers

2 - hand held pencil sharpeners (one for color pencils and one for pencils) (NO electric sharpeners!)



2 - bottles Germ-X

3 - large boxes of Kleenex

2 - containers Clorox wipes (Extra is always appreciated)


SCIENCE-  NO Mechanical Pencils allowed!

2 - composition notebook                                                                                             

1- roll of scotch tape                                                                 




1 or 2 - package of 100 notecards

1 - FiveStar 3 Subject Notebook                               

1 - folder with pockets

1 - TI30-XIIS calculator  

(Please do NOT purchase any other calculator.)




1 - folder with pockets                                      

2 - composition notebooks                                                





1 - folder with pockets

1 - composition Notebook                                            


READING (elective)                          

Scholastic magazine fee $10    



Wish List*


Purple Pens

Freezer Ziplock Bags (quarts &/or Gallon)



*Please label student’s first and last name on all materials with a permanent marker.


 **Note:  Teachers will give directions for organizing the binder in regards to paper and dividers.


                         ** No SHARPIES are allowed for classroom use!**




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